wet snow piles up
on telephone wires

portions break off
to reveal Morse Code
black dashes and dots

the snow recedes
into stave rows
of cornstalk stubs

a rhythm
along white sentences

asking, so where’s this zigzag life
where’s it headed, anyway

“I can’t tell when you’re happy
or just being polite,” she imparts

our firewood’s burning hot
and clean –
the chimney radiates

nothing by the doorstop indicates
what triggers the fern
to unfurl in season
when the boots come off

I’ve never been an easy riser

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Copyright 2015


5 thoughts on “MARCH CHARM

    • It’s been the warmest winter on record, which has meant surprisingly little snow. In fact, the snow we almost had on tap yesterday’s been all rain — a lot of it. Right now the forecast is calling for light snow next Monday, but we’re assuming that, too, will alter as the date gets closer.

  1. Isn’t this weather crazydoodle-doo? Nearly 80 degrees last week, in the 60s at the weekend and now washed away by freezling rain. Just as well I’m a frustrated weather girl!

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