snow still stands deep along the roadway
through woods — Monadnock woods —
I follow
the unbroken night from Goffstown to New Boston
beside an ice-jammed river
a twisting canyon road

dark hulks of hills

reminding me of the Yakima Canyon road
those years of marriage ago
far now to Francestown village
a New England contradance
a century and a half extant
me, alone these days
in a fiddletune of my memory

original, from my journal: 12:III:94


snowfall mounded sedan high
against one more discarded marriage
comprehends the night mountains

a dual embankment of boulders and ice
cleaves frosted sagebrush
clasping bowed birches

startling an ice-jammed river
years behind the next Indian or Yankee village
an Irish fiddle jig casts yellow beams into

horse sheds when I approach the town hall
doorway to strut out a partner in a pulsing reel
perhaps this time, on my own warrant

poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson



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