You had to ask about tons of snow. No, it’s been an eerily
mild winter, except for the hurricane-force winds
a week-and-a-half ago (gusts of 90 mph), accompanied
by 6½ inches of rain in a couple of hours. It made for
a very scary commute home, with all of the fallen wires,
exploding transformers (they look like a mixture of northern lights and lightning),
and trees arrayed on pine-needle covered roadways.

The rest of downtown Dover went dark
just as I approached the only remaining working stoplight –
the one that wouldn’t resume functioning for another four days.
As I finally pulled into our driveway, I had to halt –
the cap atop our chimney had blown off, carrying three bricks with it
– about 80 pounds in all.

Except for a string of houses ending three doors from ours,
the power in the city was out, meaning the sump pump in our cellar was useless
and the furnace was now sitting in a couple of feet of bilge water.
Fortunately, we have an efficient wood stove
and several cords of well-seasoned fuel
(although the combination can aggravate Jessi’s asthma).

Our power was kaput 46 or 47 hours,
thanks to a fat white pine that shattered near the hospital
and took out three utility poles and a tangle of wires.
At least our big freezer in the barn was well insulated, so we lost nothing there,
while Rachel used the opportunity to thoroughly clean the kitchen refrigerator
in the process finding ways for us to consume its contents.

Minestrone, anyone?

The Bow kin will have their own adventures to relate, I’m sure.

For instance, some chimneys in Concord were blown down just a few miles away.

Hope you’re recovered from drought.

And this year’s Santa Anna.

To continue, click here.
Copyright 2015


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