on the coffee table we had a skull
with wax dripped over the crown

for a full month, I nodded to it
without recognizing
its identity as a horned goat

Methods of Logic and Modern Statistical Analysis
held the window open

a tiny nail and raised line painted across the bathroom door
may have been left from a sign
saying Men or Women

Bushmen explain there’s a male and a female side to every fire
if a man sits on the wrong side, he becomes impotent
but here we had steam heat radiators set against the wall
no wonder we were acting neutered

still, Glenn taped a magazine photo
of Vice President Spiro Agnew on the back door
with a cartoon balloon quotation from James Brown
“Get on up! I feel like a sex machine”
issuing from his slimy mouth

I was trained to be a technician

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Copyright 2015


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