during the primary, a long-distance caller
asked what state New Hampshire’s in
I nearly replied, “a state of confusion”

look, most conservatives lack an easy
sense of humor . whether that’s the cause
or effect is undetermined

in person, the TV evangelist running for president
had a sooty aura, reeking of sin
Heaven help us! All the same, did


along the bank
who’d then be running
there’s no telling where you’ll be bit

working two jobs and
toward a degree

just about wrapping up those chores and
getting very hungry
while the beer, of course, is another matter


I remember once seeing that
in more ways than one, everybody up here’s
Scots, Irish, or French-Canadian

excepting the pig-eyed
governor, sinisterly smiling

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Copyright 2015



  1. I like the pointed critique. You’ve managed to remain removed while dissecting the conservative problem. It deflates any anger or cynicism. I especially resonate with the first third. I was once an Evangelical and attended Pat Robertson’s graduate school–to be a light in a dark place, I used to say. I could tell you about that lack of humor. Perhaps it’s rooted in fear and cloaked in pride. Humor pierces and it reveals. I’ve had to build one from scratch in recent years, and teach myself not to be so angry.

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