As I happen in your life, you begin to comprehend
I’m a maturing apparition. You’re contrary
bearings. I’m steadfast mourning. You reconsider

talent. I’m so many lost causes. You’re Baltimore’s
perfumed night in ancient contexts. I’m hostilities
originating in beauty. You’re almost a taxi ride

home from the airport. I’m a sentry statue flanked
by thistles on my town common. When we engage,
you’re more expressive than any boom box.

Poem copyright 2014 by Jnana Hodson


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Blue Rock

4 thoughts on “BLUE ROCK XXXIV

  1. “You’re contrary/bearings. I’m steadfast mourning.” Very nice! At first glance, I read “mourning” as “mooring,” which made for a different but equally interesting contrast with “bearings.” The funny things our brains do!

  2. I’m moved by this piece — and the line – haunting me –

    “I’m hostilities
    originating in beauty. ”

    Wow — what a profound and original metaphor. I think it brilliant – it resonates very deeply with me.

      • Yes, I do mean to make it to there – actually have bookmarked it and all – when I have a slight bit of time. I’m really looking forwards to reading your works Jnana 🙂

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