my Lady of Spring Rolls espies a pheasant under our feeder

Hosanna! and so forth 

the goldfinches regain their yellow
first as a faint chartreuse under the gray
when they alight at the feeder

overhead, buzzards return

there’s a purple martin invasion / a purple MARTIAN invasion
very rare in New Hampshire, but tell that to the mob
that cleans out the suet (or were they just greckles?

a flicker pecks at cracks in the driveway
quickly, determinedly grubbing

a circle of jays, shrieking at a raven
yet another morning

(how can anyone be fond of pigeons?)

*   *   *

with the binoculars again, watching incredibly high gulls
moving east-west
and then, all alone, the unmistakable bald eagle
sailing south, not a single flap
to be lost to a cloud and then sun glare

how is it the eagle soared southward
while the gulls kept going east-west
before and after?
or did the eagle simply Trim Sails somehow
in the upper wind?

May, a profusion of birdsong before sunrise
September, a profusion of cricket fiddling after sunset
incessant, rapturous chorus

September, why so few birds singing?
May, why so little fiddling?

migrating geese sound like a squeaky floor

suet, downy woodpeckers tweet for each bite

poem copyright 2014 by Jnana Hodson


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