by Jnana Hodson

If it hasn’t already hit where you are, maybe you’ve started to see references in other blogs, as I have, but in my corner of the world, a very nasty bug’s been making the rounds.

It starts out as a scratchy throat and turns into an annoying cough before knocking you down altogether.

When I got it, I figured it would be a three-day trip, but one friend was more correct when she emailed me it would be three weeks before I was up and in action again. Just when you think you’re coming out of the woods, you might try to do something like going out to run errands or attend an evening event — and then you’re back down the next day. Frustrating! And that’s not including the hollow cough, which just doesn’t seem to leave easily.

As far as ailments go, things could be worse. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix for a change and even caught up on some book-length reading. The most vexing part has been losing the better part of three weeks’ work just when I was hoping to get some big projects moving – not just publicity for the latest novel, either.

Still, it would be nice to have a name for this bug. The usual “cold dash flu” description doesn’t really tag it, and I’m not sure “walking pneumonia” would satisfy the medical types.

Does anyone have a better way to describe it?