Neo-Luddite that I am, I get dragged by steps into the brave new world of the Internet, including this blogging stuff (which, by the way, I’m thoroughly enjoying, largely because of WordPress’ no-nonsense basics:  the Red Barn went essentially right out of the box and into action).

One of those ‘Net steps is the practice of nominating bloggers for awards, which I usually shy away from. For one thing, the notion of being the Best of Whatever and then having a gazillion others also show up as the best in that category runs counter to my idea of best. And that’s even before we get to my Quaker dimension of humility. Such as it is. (I know, my favorite elder daughter has about a thousand and one favorite movies and novels and so on, but I am, to some extent, an Aristotelian who permits only one superlative in any given category.)

But recently, one of my favorite younger bloggers sweetly nominated me in a category and, as my wife would say, it would be ungracious to accept. So!

Sweet Blogger

Thank you, Brooke’s Voice, for your nod. And for your entries on your blog of “simple words dedicated to my little sister,” especially.

Well, as these things go, the nominee is required to reply to Five Super Sweet Questions. (Fortunately, nobody’s grading.)

  • Cookies or Cake? Both? What, no pie? Well, then, all depends on what my elder daughter’s creating at the moment. We recently had some incredible meringue cookies.
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla, pure and simple, most of all in high-butterfat ice cream. As a second choice, I’ll go for very dark chocolate.
  • Favorite Sweet Treat? Anything creamy and mocha, especially when made by others.
  • When Do You Crave Sweet Things the Most? First thing in the morning as my sugary cafe au lait. (Oh, I am playing this one straight!)
  • Sweet Nick Name? Jnana-banana is one that makes the rounds here.

The award also carries the stipulation of nominating another baker’s dozen, and after a recent round of posts that gave you links to some of my favorite sites, I don’t want to repeat myself. So here’s another dozen more recent discoveries to sample.  There really is a lot of fun reading appearing in the world of blogging, isn’t there?

Here goes …

  1. Wanda’s98dayjourney looks at each season as it rolls around. At the moment, while also tackling a serious diet, she’s wise enough to recognize the importance of desserts. You go, girl!
  2. A Hundred Years Ago has been sharing a grandmother’s diary that was begun when she was 15 in 1911 and is now posting the entries one day at a time — exactly 100 years after she wrote them.
  3. The Daily Compost is where Jennifer offers both fine poetry and notes on revision along with gardening and parenting insights . As blogs go, we could be neighbors.
  4. Everyday Gurus candidly examines the interface between spirituality (in Kazo’s case, arising largely through Buddhism) and the everyday down-and-dirty encounters.
  5. This Speaks My Mind is where Vermonter Roger explores art, creativity, and spirituality, often from a Quaker foundation. Or, as we Quakers often agree, “This Friend speaks my mind.”
  6. Farmlet is about a couple of neo-hippies (hope they’re not offended by the description) who have semi-retired to a small farm in western Washington, where they seem to be doing what some of the characters in my novel, Hippie Drum, had envisioned and attempted decades earlier. From our perspective, they are indeed living cheaply and richly, as they merrily proclaim.
  7. 35andupcynicismonhold is a cheerful melange of poetry, photos, and ruminations from a Filipina’s voyage through life. One of the things I love about blogging is how much of it crosses national borders, and here’s another example.
  8. Things + Flesh has Tony’s thoughts on songwriting and other mysteries. He’s still young enough to be seeing everything afresh, and the enthusiasm is contagious.
  9. Very Crazy, as in crazy about life and love, comes across to this English reader far more than its Portuguese entries would suggest.
  10. Valerie Davies covers the adventurous life of a former newspaper editor and now fellow Smashwords author whose childhood included the Blitz of England before she went on around the world and eventually settled down in New Zealand.
  11. Jacquie Just Doing Life confirms all the beautiful things I keep hearing about South Africa. Just take a look.
  12. Silverpoetry plunges into life where it is. I love the premise, in defending silver, that not all that glimmers is gold.
  13. Shift, “because the only thing constant is change,” as self-described aspiring writer Jessica works through events involving family and friends starting with northern California. I can almost smell that dry high-country air where she ventures.

18 thoughts on “AW, SHUCKY-DARN, THANKS

  1. Thank you, Jnana! And we don’t mind at all being called neo-hippies.
    I’d say you pegged us well, and I’m certainly going to check out your novel HIPPIE DRUM since I love your poetry….and the other blogs you recommend. Peace, baby. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Jnana-banana. Love that nickname. Thank you for the nomination. I’m trying to stay away from refined sugar, but I appreciate the love. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  3. Thank you for nominating A Hundred Years Ago. Some of the other blogs on this list are awesome. I am honored that you think my blog is also worthy of the award.

  4. hello, sir Jnana… thank you, very much. very honored to be on your list. i humbly accept. kindly give me until first week of July to work on the article, though… thanks for the kind thoughts and many happy returns… 🙂 ~san

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